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Below are the videos I've made, either about my art process, for art purposes and/or and human interest. I'm by no means trying to market myself as a videographer. These were all made using a Canon Powershot SX 100 and available light. Editing was done using IMovie. The video process is very time-consuming and these do a fair job of getting concepts across without high cost.

Male of the Species
, the process video shows the various materials
and methods used to create this large, soft sculpture of a bird
with oversized feet.

The Non-Flying Flying Machine
, this video shows the size, basic workings and movement of the kinetic sculpture shown at "Feather & Brush" my solo show, in 2009 at Magdalena Gallery. Many people were excited by the ability to interact with the sculpture and affect it's appearance and movement.

Birds and Branches
is one of those paintings you have to see in person to understand what the actual effect is. As a result, I made this video to help get across the effect of reflective surfaces and color change depending on the angle of the viewer.

Metamorphosis of Nigel
was an experimental painting that combined design, painting and photo recording of a painting which goes through multiple changes. The paintings changes are meant to be the artform, not the finished painting, but the painting had such a pleasing effect for me, I ended the experiment at a stage near the end, during it's cubist look. The rest of the video shows a digital treatment of the proposed final changes that would have taken place. I applied for an Efroymson Grant with this video as an example of the art form I'd be using their grant to explore and hopefully later exhibit, but unfortunately did not get the grant. However, the painting graces my hallway and is one of my personal favorite works.

Abstract Painting Demonstration Part 1
This video was my first foray into not only making a live demonstration, but (as my crazed manner attests) it was also my first time speaking in front of a camera. Bear with me as I demo a painting that was later buried under more paint and ended up being an abstract that I'm still fond of.

Abstract Painting Demonstration Part 2
The final part of this video, a nice ending sequence with a great sound track.

Ceramic Houses
shows the un-finished ceramic house sculptures as they looked after their bisque firing with some great music in the background.

Above is the video showing the process of building the Yeti Sculpture which won first place at Keep Indianapolis Beautiful's "Re-Dome" project/exhibit in August 2010. For more on that piece and it's process, go to the Yeti Page here.



Videos by Keith J. Hampton