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"in the shade",
blockprints by Keith J. Hampton

The images on these pages are from the Oct. 2003 show at it'sALLart gallery in Fountain Square, Indianapolis.

Many of the plants shown here are indigenous to Indiana and it is my hope to bring some awareness to them through my art. The rate that land is being destroyed for development does not take into consideration the fragile environment that these plants need to exist. Even light "forest management", the practice of culling trees for "better forests" can help wipe out many species.

Blockprints are created using a process that has existed since 750 BC. The materials are modern, but the method is essentially the same: A drawing is transferred to a block of material and carved out. Ink is applied either directly to the block or to a flat surface and transferred to the block. The block is then pressed to the paper and the resulting print is revealed.

Each blockprint is one-of-a-kind or monoprint.



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