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Keith J. Hampton got his start in commercial art in 1977 at the age of 18, working in publishing, first at The Saturday Evening Post company and later at ICP as the company's magazine cover artist. By the time he reached the age of 25, he had already made his foray into marketing and advertising, working at mid-sized agencies in the Indianapolis market. A 2-year stint at Truevision, (a computer graphics and video card firm) gave him a firm base in digital media. in 1995, he started his own graphics and web design firm, it'sALLart.

Largely self-taught, Keith's hand has always been in the fine art world, showing at the IMA consignment gallery and at several regional art fairs. His focus was crystalized further in 2001 with his first solo show of paintings at Eyeblink Gallery in Fountain Square. In 2003 he jumped in with both feet, opening his own Fountain Square gallery under the it'sALLart name. With two popular solo exhibitions showing that year, Keith's fine art prowess became better known in the region and his sales began to increase. Finding the gallery biz in Indianapolis problematic, he began to show in regional galleries including Closson's (Cincinnati), Gallery One 36 (Westfield), Woodburn and Westcott (indianapolis), Harrion Center for the Arts (Indianapolis), Sullivan Munce (Zionsville), Gallery 930 (Louisville) and in Carmel, Indiana's Arts District for his "Feather & Brush" solo show. He has also shown his work in ArtSplash Gallery in Carmel and at other retail locations in the Indy area.

If eclecticism could be quantified by any type of meter, Hampton's work would be off the charts, an attribute he embraces. His works span the range of many art types, including realism, surrealism, impressionism, cubism, abstract expressionism and in the last few years, sculpture. Hampton refuses to follow the widely-accepted academic norm of steady progression in one flavor and would rather, as he puts it, "speak many languages through my art and persue a multi-faceted approach." In 2009, Hampton began working in 3d, producing sculptures for "Feather & Brush" in various materials, including wood, steel, plastic and fabric. In 2010 he created a lifesized "Yeti" sculpture which won first place at KIBI and sold one day later. In 2011, he created 20 realistic, mini-house sculptures in ceramic for his "House Works" show

Commission buyers include Eli Lilly & Company, Community Hospitals of Indianapolis, ICCHI, Arc Rehab, Dale Hughes Interiors, American Art Resources (Houston), Art by Design, Dolphin Bay Hotel and many private buyers.


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My artistic direction has had several influences since I began as an illustrator in 1977. When an artist starts out as a commercial illustrator in a small market such as Indy, one soon learns that survival means the ability to work in a variety of styles.

This has had an indelible impact on my skill as an illustrator and my fine art vision. Whereas most artists must deal with self-imposed styles, I tried to narrow my focus to a few styles.

Early on, I tried to work against the natural process of exploration and growth in whatever the canvas showed me. After some time, I learned that much like a good actor can be many characters, I can evoke many moods and styles through my art. I began to truly embrace an eclectic approach and have been much more successful as an artist.

Since adopting this method, I have learned to go back to specific styles and enjoy watching each particular style progress. I now have a growing catalog of works in each which I utilize, creating a larger and more diverse body of work. I'm encouraged and blessed by the fact that so many people have enjoyed my work - regardless of my unpredictable artistic journey- and purchased it for their homes, offices and public spaces.

Corporate Collections

Eli Lilly, two purchases

Community Hospital North, three commissions

ICHHI, one commission

Arc Rehab Services, donation & purchase

Dolphin Bay Hotel (Hawaii) Originals and prints

Private Collections

Mr. & Mrs. Brent Cardin, Tipton, IN

Mr. Robert Shade, Carmel, IN

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Bassett, Muncie, IN

Mr. & Mrs. J. Garlotte, Pheonix AZ

Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Garlotte, MI

Mr. Dennis Bradley, Indianapolis, IN

Mr. Jeffrey Short, Indianapolis, IN

Mr. and Mrs. Rian Logan, Carmel, IN

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Ellman, San Diego, CA

Mr. Dom Morando, Palm Beach, FL

Ms. Patty Blumenthal, Washington, D.C.

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Loewenthal, Carmel, IN

David Cook/John Alexander, Hilo, HI

Bio, CV & Show History
of Keith J. Hampton


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The Painting Galleries

Various Accomplishments:

Art Director for national magazine
at the age of 18

Wrote and recorded a song which played
on local radio at age 19

Cover designer for international magazine
company at the age of 20

Painting hung in the main room at the
IMA Consignment Show at age 23

Wrote music and lyrics for over 30
vocal songs by the age of 25

Commercial jingles for two major companies
at age 27

Designed and built a log cabin from locally
harvested logs at age 32

Helped create a graphic software program
at age 33

Started successful graphic design and
firm at age 36

Designed and manufactured a clothing
at age 39

Started and ran a fine art gallery at age 41

Finished a full-length fictional novel at age 42

Has won various awards for design, paintings
and sculpture

Paintings have sold to various international
individuals and companies

Created logos for over 100 companies

Planted over 400 trees of many varieties
over the years







"Cooper", 1 of 10 Public HighArt billboards chosen to rotate in various locations for one year, Indianapolis

Group Show, "Contemporary Landscape", Gallery 924, Indianapolis


Group Show, "Gray Gardens" Harrison Center for the Arts, Indy

Group Show, "Tiny II" Gallery 924, Indianapolis


Group Show, Jackson Contemporary Art, Columbus, IN


House Works, Solo show, ArtSplash Gallery, Carmel, IN


August, Group Exhibition, Re-Dome Project, Yeti, First Place Winner

January thru September: Closson's


September: Solo Show, Feather & Brush, Arts District Gallery, Carmel, IN

Throughout the year: Closson's


September: S.A.L.I. National Abstract Exhibition, Garfield Park, Indianapolis, "Pop-Fly"

May thru July, Group Show, Hendricks Co. Fairgrounds Conference Center, various works

April, Life Canvas, Group Show, Sullivan Munce, Zionsville, IN
piece shown: Goods in the City

April, Unusual Animals, Group Show, Gallery 930, Louisville, KY
piece shown: Crows in the Corn

Ongoing: Arts District, Carmel, IN

February, Plainfield Library Gallery: Medium-Medium

Throughout the year:
Closson's, Cincinnati and Ashwood Artisans, NY.


January, (5th thru 18th), Recent Projects: Consumption, Harrison Center for Arts, Gallery 2, juried show, showing of Miami Alley

February, charity auction for Indianapolis International Film Festival, during Oscar Gala, donation of Decision and Film Idol.

Throughout the year: Closson's, Cincinnati and Ashwood Artisans, NY.

September, S.A.L.I Midwest Abstract Exhibition at Garfield Park, Award of Merit for Our Town.


April, Contemporary Colorfield Works, CCA Gallery, Zionsville

May, (ongoing) Contemporary Colorfield and Abscapes at
Closson's Gallery of Fine Art, Cincinnati, OH

May (ongoing) various works, Ashwood Artisans, Aurora, NY

August, various works in a group show, Gallery One 36, Westfield, IN

August thru October, Cityscpes and Other Works, one-man show, Clowes Hall, Indianapolis

September/October, featured artist in Village of Westclay Luxury Showhome

October, various works in a group show, Gallery One 36, Westfield, IN

December, charity auction for Amaya Hess, various works donated, Indianapolis


May, primitive piece "Life and Death" one of five works chosen by Indianapolis Arts Council to be projected on buildings in downtown Indy.

July, Historica Textura, one-man show at
School 30

July, group show at ArtsGarden, Alphanumeric works.

August, one-man show at
Stanton Coffee, various works.


April, Show of Hands, Group show, 2 works including piece entitled Gospel According to Kline Woodburn & Westcott Gallery, Indianapolis

October, back to school, Group show at School 30, Indianapolis

October, Fall Show, one-man show of paintings and blockprints
Woodburn & Westcott Gallery, Indianapolis

December, Holiday Art Market, Group Show at School 30, Indianapolis


July, creeks and waterways, acrylic paintings, one-man show at itsALLart gallery

Oct., in the shade, blockprints, one-man show at itsALLart gallery